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Statement Living Room Curtains

We made these curtains for a private house near Falmouth, they are hung as high and wide as possible so the curtains when open clear the window and doors.  They are hung on North facing doors and windows where the winter drafts can seep through.  The curtains were lined and interlined (thermal lined) giving a layer of insulation to the door and windows.  When closed these make the room warmer and cosier.  The insulation will also help to cut out traffic noise from a nearby road.  

The curtains were made from a stunning JP & J Baker fabric, Oui Bloc and they have deep double pleats which are pleated to pattern.  The three layers of fabric for the curtains were hand stitched together along with the pleats that were formed.  

Pole was supplied by Byron & Byron and fitted by our fitter.

Perfect statement curtains!!!

Statement Living Room Curtains
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