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Living room wave curtains - inside the door recess

Wave curtains were chosen for this living area interior which has had a recent renovation in Hayle. 

Two bifold doors were dressed with single wave curtains on a top fixed Silent Gliss track which fitted inside the door recess.  The stacks when open stack neatly and away from the log burning stove.

A room heigh fabric Loire from Warwick Fabrics was chosen for these lined curtains, mounted on a Silent Gliss wave track.

Wave curtains are a taped header and lend themselves to either plain fabric or a random patterned fabric.  We have finished this header with hand stitching otherwise there would have been two lines of machine stitching across the top of the curtains.

Wave curtains in a living room
Wave curtains with a leaf pattern design

This leaf pattern fabric lends itself perfectly for a wave headed pair of curtains.  The pattern is not uniformed.  A specialist track or pole is used which has gliders strung inside it.  The waves hang from the bottom of the track and form neat uniformed folds.  Villa Nova Liana fabric was used for these curtains.

The folds on these blue and white wave curtains were planned to pattern.  Our curtains are made to measure and planned ahead.  

Retro Wave Curtains
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