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Made to measure Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are suitable to dress many types of window. Made from a face material/fabric with horizontal rods placed in a layer of lining behind the face. The rods give structure to the blind. Each blind mounted onto headrail that has a geared mechanism which pulls the blind up and down. Strings from the headrail run through mini eyelets on the rod pockets secured by a child safe toggle. Every blind we supply is on a child safe compliant headrail.


Make it safe 

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Pleated fabric panels opening and closing via a chain mechanism. They have cords attached to the back of the blind which run through mini eyelets. Hidden rods are sewn into rod pockets giving the blind structure and crisp folds.


The blinds will fit either inside or outside of the window recess.


We can help with choosing a perfect fabric for a Roman Blind and access its suitability. There are also lining options available. With access to a very large selection of quality fabrics from many fabric houses some of which are listed below.


Sanderson Design Group

Romo Fabrics

Prestigious Textiles

Zoe Glencross


The production of the blind will be planned in the workroom. Before cutting fabrics and linings we calculate the folds of the finished blind. This is an important part of the process making sure that when the blind is open it folds well with a neat stack.  


Every individual blind, made to the highest standard, comes on a delux made to measure head rail.  The headrail conforms to child safety. It can be either top fixed or face fixed and has a sidewinder chain which will pull the blind up and down.


All lined Roman Blinds that we make are hand finished with hidden stitches. They have hidden hand stitches to the front and no machine stitching on the face.


Extra elements enhance your Roman Blind.  A blackout layer aids the light control of the room, useful for bedrooms or cinema rooms. Interlining added as an extra layer of the blind has a luxury look and has insulating properties.


Unlined Sheer Roman Blinds are a good choice for privacy screening or light filtering.

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