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Wave Curtains V's Single Pinch Pleat Curtains

When it comes to choosing curtains for your home, there are many different styles and designs to consider. We make a full range of curtains,

Two popular options are single pinch pleat curtains and wave headed curtains. Both styles have their own unique features and benefits. It is important to understand the differences between them. For this blog post, we will look at the characteristics of both styles. I will discuss the factors to consider when deciding which header is best for your space.

Single Pinch Pleat Curtains

What are single pinch pleat curtains?

  • A Single pinch pleat has the smallest stack when the curtains are open.

  • Single pinch pleat curtains are a modern curtain style deriving from a classic pleat.

  • They feature evenly spaced pleats that are pleated together at the top.

  • The pleats create a neat and tailored look when the curtains are closed.

  • good for inside recesses, the photo shows a bifold or sliding doors dressing

  • a wide range of fabrics can be used for these

  • lining options. Unlined, lined or blackout lining.

Advantages of single pinch pleat curtains

  • They have the smallest stack

  • They provide a modern elegant appearance to any room.

  • The pleats add structure and fullness to the curtains.

  • Single pinch pleat curtains are versatile, used in various interior design styles.

  • Hung from tracks or poles with rings.

Considerations when choosing single pinch pleat curtains

  • The pleats may need redressing.

  • They may not be suitable for traditional rooms where a double or triple pinch pleat may work better.

  • single pinch pleat curtains look better on long length curtains.

Wave Headed Curtains

What are wave curtains?

  • Wave curtains are a modern and contemporary curtain style.

  • They feature a continuous wave-like fold along the top of the curtains.

  • The wave effect is achieved through the use of a special track or corded pole system

Advantages of wave/ripple curtains

  • They create a sleek and minimalistic look in any room.

  • Wave headers have a soft and flowing appearance when open or closed.

  • A specially designed track system allows for easy and smooth operation of the curtains.

  • lining options. Unlined, lined or blackout lining.

Considerations when choosing a wave curtain

  • The track system required for wave curtains can be more expensive than traditional curtain poles or tracks. we supply wave curtain tracks and metal poles

  • The wave effect may not be suitable for all interior design styles.

  • Wave curtains may not provide as much fullness as other curtain styles.

  • not all fabrics will be suitable. Plains work well but a strong pattern or stripe may distort


Single pinch pleat curtains and wave curtains is a personal style choice. Think about your preferences and the aesthetic of your space. Single pinch pleat curtains offer a classic and elegant look. While wave curtains provide a modern and contemporary feel. Consider the advantages and considerations of each style before making your decision.


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